du-ebike - Electric Motor: 48v 250-watt brushless electric motor that provides more torque and runs cooler, integrally mounted in rear wheel hub

‘Others’: Typically use a 36v motor providing less torque and runs hotter leading to reduced service life
du-ebike - Battery: Lithium-ion 48 volts 8 ampere hour securely and integrally located in the bicycle frame, where it can be charged or quickly and easily removed to charge in the house or office

‘Others’: Typically using a 36v battery that consumes 33% more power to provide the same torque as a 48v battery, which results in reduced powered operating range
du-ebike - Battery Charger: Input 100v-240v/2.0a max/47-63hz. Output 54.6v/2.0a with built in over charge protection circuit. Electrical plug type 13amp/BS 1363/A (standard socket in UK/UAE)
‘Others’: Typically have no built in over protection circuit and supplied with ‘foreign’ electrical plug type not 13amp/BS 1363/A plug

du-ebike - Electrically Powered Performance: User programable to maximum speed of 40 kilometres/hour (KPH), subject to country of operation and/or local laws.

‘Others’: Restricted to 25 KPH by lack of user ability to program

du-ebike - Electrically Powered Range (EPR): The maximum design EPR is +/- 65 kilometres. ‘Others’: Typically, less than 40 kilometres due to reduced power availability of 36volt battery
du-ebike - LCD Controller and Display: User programmable speed range from 12 to 40 kilometres/hour*, battery level, speedometer, trip distance and pedal assist level indicators. On delivery, maximum speed is set to 25 KPH to meet UK/EU regulations

*Users must confirm applicable laws and regulations applicable to the country of operation before changing the factory set speed default of 25 KPH

‘Others’: Non-programmable LED controller
du-ebike - Lights and Accessories: Front and rear lights, folding reflective pedals, horn, USB outlet for charging smart phone or GPS.

‘Others’: Supplied without lights, mudguards, folding pedals, horn or USB outlet requiring additional purchase costs to be legal for operation on public roads  
du-ebike - Derailleur Gears: 21 speed Shimano ‘Quick Shift’ with chain drive

‘Others’: Typically, 7 speed/no gears at all or rubber belt drive 
du-ebike - Wheels and Tyres: 26-inch 6 spoke magnesium alloy wheels fitted with all-terrain tyres. Quick release front wheel.

‘Others’: Typically, wire spoked wheels without quick release

du-ebike - Brakes: Stainless steel front and rear disc brakes.

‘Others’: 1940’s inefficient linear pull rubber brake blocks as fitted to a child’s bike
du-ebike - Suspension: Front and rear fully adjustable, hydraulically damped suspension.

‘Others’: Non-adjustable or rigid frame
du-ebike - Frame: Folding lightweight 6061 aircraft grade aluminium alloy.

‘Others’: Typically, heavy steel or costly carbon fibre rigid frame requiring ‘bike rack’ for transportation and making storage difficult
du-ebike - Tool Kit: Compact tool kit containing all necessary tools for quick and easy assembly and routine maintenance. 

‘Others’: No tools supplied
du-ebike - Manuals: In English and Arabic detailing assembly, operator, LCD and maintenance instructions.

‘Others’: Either very basic, often with inaccurate language translation or not provided
du-ebike - Security: Lockable integrally located battery compartment (in frame), 2 keys and user programmed ‘PIN’ protected LCD to prevent unauthorised use.

‘Others’: Battery insecurely and externally housed, no ‘PIN’ protection
du-ebike - Build Standard Regulations: Compliant with CE EN 15194 and UK electrically assisted pedal cycles (amendment) regulations 2015 SI 2015 No. 24

‘Others’: Often not meeting any internationally recognised regulatory standard